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December 1966 – the world would never be the same again! A band of strangely dressed men with odd looking instruments leapt on stage at the ‘Royal Oak Inn’ Nailsea, Somerset and proceeded to record a ‘live’ album for the EMI record company. This was Adge Cutler & The Wurzels’ first LP and it sold in massive numbers, quickly followed by a single which charted nationally and then an EP “Scrumpy & Western” – this was the start of a musical revolution that is still going strong over 40 years later! The Wurzels were born...

These legends are great fun and fantastic entertainment and if you didn't see them before you will not want to miss them this time around. Expect classic cider-fuelled hits such as 'I Am A Cider Drinker', 'Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)', 'The Blackbird' and 'Don’t Tell I, Tell ’Ee'.

So don't miss out on seeing this amazing live band. Get your tickets now HERE.

More artists to be added.

* Please note: The line up is subject to changes

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